Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Towards a sustainable future


Energy plays an essential role in our lives.

One of the toughest challenges of our time is finding a way to meet global energy demands while minimizing the impact on the environment and optimizing limited resources of urban and remote areas in an economical and responsible way.

Since 2010, LatAm BioEnergy has become an essential part of the clean energy regional community by promoting innovative ideas that enhance the future. Through a variety of proprietary solutions, we use the latest technologies to improve the way our communities run. We serve clients across various sectors throughout Latin America and the Caribbean with practical engineering services tailored to their needs.

About Us

We provide innovative solutions across a variety of industries. 

Our advanced engineering solutions, including Biomass gasification, Photovoltaic systems, co-generation plants powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence and specialized Financial Services that are thoughtfully designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results.

Products & services

Biomass Gasification

Biomass gasification for clean, renewable energy

Small and medium-scale modular gasification solutions of carbon-based materials for reliable renewable Heat and Power, on-demand.

Photovoltaic Solutions

Solar panels, integrated renewable energy solutions for a better world

Renewable energy: Better performance on solar panels and biomass gasification power plants, both Grid-tied and Off-grid solutions tailored to our clients needs.

Specialized Advisory

Insights on clean energy projects, climate change, mitigation and financial structuring.

Project Advisory and Capacity Building in project design, concept notes, and financial structuring for a low carbon future.

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